A lot has been said and done in movies on this topic, but mostly Hollywood productions showing Mexican Cartels passing drugs into US territory.


Although it is well known that Colombian Cartels started trafficking drugs to Europe with the help of the Italian Ndrangheta, the story of Mexican Cartels now controlling this market has not yet being told in the way Zona Narco does.


Now, at the end of production, more than 60 people are involved in the project, including actors, sponsors and people behind the scenes.


Zona Narco is based on true events with a fictive plot and fictive characters.


The story tries to portray to the real life of an undercover agent infiltrated in a Cartel as closely as possible. To that end, the producers of this movie, Konrad H. Lopez and Heiko Mott, researched for almost one year and gathered information on real DEA agents in real missions and undercover operations before starting with the filmmaking.


Zona Narco is an independent film production. It started out as a small project, but in the production time that has been ongoing for three years, other filmmakers have shown interest in a co-production.



The Film Project Zona Narco started around 3 years ago with small Team of 10 people. Now, more than 40 People are involved with the Film

The movie is planned for online release in 2017


In The late 70´s 3 major Cartels in Mexico decided to Split traffic distribution Zones among them.  Juarez,  the Gulf Cartel and the “Federation”. More than 25 years the Government and the Cartels pact a status quo. Cartels trafficked with drugs and stayed under the radar without harming civilians, and the government did its part, they looked away and got a good share by doing that.

A relative peace was a win win situation for both. The reason why there was no violence, was not because the police or the military did a good job, it was because the Cartel Kingpins had a good business relationship. However, this peace was threatened by the new military strategy implemented by the new Government in 2006. Since the administration of  former PAN President, Felipe  Calderon, more than 120,000 people has died  in the war on Drugs in Mexico.